Museum style from Renaissance to Modern time

The Museums style Collection means Art goes fashion in highest perfection. The masterpieces of the great painters are like a never ending inspiration for the designer Astrid Peller. The most beautiful dessins are adapted by the famous paintings and landmark architectures from the Renaissance until today. In cooperation with well-known distributors of international museums shops, for which Astrid Peller and her team have designed the exclusive masterpieces made out of finest Himalaya-cashmere. The artist of embroidery in Kathmandu produced the template on the unique access in a time consuming process, which  fully demands their handcraft skills. Very fine silk treads and small beads out of glass are being embroidered on the super soft cashmere scarfs, which motifs are works by Konrad Witz, Vincent van Gogh, Joseph Maria Olbrich or Friedensreich Hundertwasser. A larger choice of  the big cashmere shawls with marvelous dessins can be found in the Online Shop under the category ART YOU CAN WEAR.

Museum Hundertwasser

Cashmere shawl red River

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cashmere shawl Raindrop

Print by hand

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art nouveau museum

Art nouveau shawl

art you can wear

masterfull embroidery art

vienesse Art Nouveau

The sculptor Joseph Maria Olbrich has designed the main door of the museum Secession in Vienna. He was one of the artist group around the famous painter Gustav Klimt in Vienna at 1900.


art goes fashion in art nouveau

The beautiful dessin on the precious cashmere shawl is inspired by the golden blossoms and leaves on the main door of the museum portal of the Secession in Vienna. The masterly embroidery is made by hand in perfect manner.

made by hand

The small golden leaves and blossoms on the exclusive cashmere shawl are embroidered with very fine metal threads. Masterly made by hand.

Kunstmuseum Basel

golden door in cashmere

renaissance painter

shawl golden rusty

impressionistic painting

pashmina sunflower

cashmere shawl sunflower

embroidery art work

Vincent van Gogh

One of the most famoust painter of the art history age Impressionismus, was Vincent van Gogh. In spite of his depressiv character he has painted pictures in so beautiful colors. One of his main motif are Sunflowers in Vase.



fashion for art lovers

The cashmere shawl Sunflower is a custom made accessory for ladies who like fashionable styling on high level.

stitched by hand

The embroidery for the dessin sunflower is inspired by Vincent van Goghs painting Sunflower in vase. The motif is stitched with very fine silk threads on both ends of the wonderful cashmere shawl Pashmina. The tassle have small beads.




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