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The successefull realization of my vision comes with a feeling of satisfaction. The idea of combining the concepts of luxury fashion art and handcraft was born in Kathamandu. Nepals high-class pashmina, cashmere and silk were just made for it. In 1999, the Pashmina became increasingly famous at the international fashion scene. Museumsshop distributors like CEDON in Munich in Bavaria assigned me to create artistic designs for cashmere scarfs in adaption to great artists works from the Renaissance to Art Deko period. So I have created a unique cashmere scarf collection inspired by motives of international art works. Artists of embroidery in Kathmandu realized the dessins with fine silk treads on high quality cashmere shawls. The exclusive scarfs are textile art works themeselfe: They are a synthese of finest handcraft, prime quality as well as art and fashion. And last but not least: an accessories of timeless beauty. For more:

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